Smile! It's contagious ★

Helloo! My name's Michie (;
Born Feb. 12, 1993
Currently studying at BU and on my way to achieve my dreams ♥ Feel free to ask me questions and follow me! I'm friendly and won't bite... if you don't want me to that is (;

Sometimes I feel that my expectations are too high. But then I consult one of my best friends who has the same exact values that I have. She’s my role model and my best friend. The one that doesn’t only think about herself but will endlessly give her all in the things she does. No excuses. No laziness. No expecting things to be given to her on a silver platter. When I remember this, I realize that I should be proud to have these high expectations for ourselves and for others. I hope to become more like her and eventually reach my own expectations. 

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